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  • Payment in full is expected at the time of order. An order cannot be started without payment.
  • We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. We do not take personal checks.
  • We offer commercial net terms for qualifying businesses and organizations. If your company or organization requires net terms, please contact us for a credit application. The application process takes about two weeks.

Order Changes

  • Once an order has been approved, any changes to shirt quantities, styles, colors, sizes etc. will change the completion date of the order, and may incur additional charges.

Guaranteed Deadline Commitments

  • Our Completion Date commitments are based on receiving all required information from the customer in a timely fashion. If there are delays in receiving that information from the customer, it will change the completion date.

Customer supplied goods

  • Our guarantee does not apply to garments supplied to us by the customer for decoration. Since we have no control over the quality of those items, we cannot guarantee their quality or suitability for the decoration process. If any of these items are ruined in production, we will not charge for the decoration, but we will not pay replacement costs for those items. If you require an exact quantity for your order, you should supply extra shirts in case of misprints or mishaps.


  • Products available from our regular vendors can in most cases be ordered for customer approval. If the net cost of the samples exceeds the final order placed, we reserve the right to charge for those samples.

Abandoned jobs

  • Completed orders and customer supplied goods that are not claimed after 60 days of the customer being available for pickup will be disposed of at our convenience and by any means we see fit

Right to Refuse Artwork

  • We believe in the right of all American citizens to hold their own beliefs and express them in any legal manner. However, as a private enterprise, we reserve the right to refuse to print materials that express hate, racism, or any other message we find reprehensible and inconsistent with our own beliefs.

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