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Do you have minimums, or can I do just one shirt ?

We have minimums depending on the requirements of the job. It is important to remember that pricing is always based on quantity and the more shirts you order, the less they will cost.

I already have a design file, why do I have to pay for artwork ?

There are two stages of artwork; Creative ( the design itself ) and Production Art. The cost of artwork for a job can be driven by one or both. Read More Here

Can I provide my own shirts ?

We currently are only accepting customer supplied goods from existing customers. There are some special terms and conditions you can read here.

Can Do you do more than just shirts ?

We offer a wide variety of customized apparel, banners, stickers, signs and advertising specialties.

Is the candy in your candy dish free ?


What if I don’t like my shirts ?

We guarantee all of our work. Read our guarantee here.

Do you have samples of everything on your website ?

No, there are just too many products available, but we do have samples of our most popular items, and can order samples of most of the items we offer.

When do I pay ?

Payment is required at the time the order is placed.

Can I get shirts while I wait ?

We currently do not offer ‘While You Wait” service. We recommend the T-Shack at the Tacoma Mall for these types of orders.

What if I need to change my order ?

Order changes will delay completion of the order, and may incur additional costs and restocking charges.

What’s the smallest shirts you sell ?

We offer Infant sizes down to newborn.

Can I eat all of the candy in your candy dish ?

Heck yeah! Not a good dental strategy, but knock yourself out.

Do you deliver ?

We do not as a regular practice offer delivery service, except in extraordinary circumstances.

Do you have free shipping ?

We do not currently offer free shipping.

Do I need an appointment to come in ?

Yes, we are open Tuesday through Friday from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. Due to Covid 19 protocols we are asking that you make an appointment before coming in.

Do you do your own printing & embroidery?

We produce almost everything we do in our shop here in Tacoma.

Can you print on hats ?

We currently do not offer printed hats, but we do offer embroidered hats.

How long do I have to pick up my order ?

We will hold your order for 60 days from the time you are notified that it is ready for pickup. After 60 days, we reserve the right to dispose of the items in any manner we see fit.

Do you keep my screens ?

We would have warehouses full of screens if that were the case. Screen charges are “Screen setup” charges. We save the production files that are created to print the job, and make new screens each time the design is printed.



Tell us what you want and when you want it. You can call us, or use our convenient Quote Request Form


When you are ready, place your order with our customer care humans. They will send you an order confirmation to make sure there are no surprises.


We will send you a final proof of your artwork. Make sure to check all spelling, dates, and other critical details.


Get your shirts the way you want them, on the day you want them. Satisfaction Guaranteed!


best for multi color
& full color small jobs.


best for polo shirts,
hats, and outwear


best for small jobs,
names, & numbers


best for durability
and flexibility.


best for small full color
jobs on cotton shirts.



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