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Custom Shirt Shop is equipped with modern embroidery machines. Computer controlled and networked, our machines run at very high speeds, using up to 15 thread colors. All of our embroideries are trimmed, steamed, and closely inspected before being delivered.

The Embroidery Process

  1. In order to embroider a design, the artwork must first be “digitized” which is a conversion process where the various areas and colors are programmed by a human “digitizer” which creates a program for the embroidery machines that tells it where each individual stitch is placed. The digitized file is “sewn out” to assure that the design looks good; often several times with revisions between each sew out.
  2. When the sew out has been approved, the machines need to be threaded with the appropriate thread colors. Our machines accommodate up to 15 colors of thread.
  3. The garment is “hooped” using a two part round our rectangular embroidery hoop. A piece of backing fabric is hooped along with the shirt; behind where the embroidery will be sewn. The hoop stretches the fabric and the backing stabilizes it to insure that the stitches are properly aligned.
  4. When the machine has sewn the garment, it is taken out of the hoop and the backing is trimmed away from the back of the design and any thread tails are painstakingly trimmed away by hand.
  5. Finally, the area that was embroidered is steamed, again by hand, to remove any fabric scuffs or wrinkles that have occurred in the process.

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