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M-F 9:00-5:00
SAT 9:00-1:00

Our website is currently under construction. Any pricing shown is probably not valid. Please call us for a quote on your specific project.

About Us

The Custom Shirt Shop in Tacoma Washington was founded in 1978 by Jerry and Pam Brown, who operated it until they retired in 2004. It was then bought by Skip and Marie Jensen, owners of Post-Industrial Press which was founded in 1984. Post-Industrial Press specializes in outdoor festival apparel merchandising, and are the proud manufacturers of the Ray Troll line of T-shirts and hats.

We strive to provide friendly, professional service to our clients in a relaxed atmosphere. We take our deadline commitments very seriously and will always go the extra mile to meet or exceed our clients' expectations.

Cytotec No Rx In Usa, Buy Cytotec At Walmart

Use our online design studio to bring your imagination to life. Don't have the time or desire ? Our professional art department can create anything you can dream up.

Got Questions? 

We would be delighted to help you at