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M-F 9:00-5:00
SAT 9:00-1:00

Cad Cut Heat Applied Vinyl

Cad Cut vinyl is used for small runs of artwork that is only one or two colors. It is especially good for applying individual names and numbers to team jerseys , T-shirts, and hoody's.

The Cad Cut Viny Process
1) Vector Artwork is prepared and the outlines specified as cut lines

2) The file is sent to a roll cutter that cuts the image out of the appropriate color and type of vinyl.

3) After cutting, all unwanted parts of the parent sheet of vinyl is peeled away ( called weeding ) and the finished vinyl is head applied to the shirt using a state of the art pneumatic heat press that is temperature and pressure controlled insuring a durable seal on the fabric to the shirt.


Buy Real Cytotec Manila - Cytotec Online Canada

Use our online design studio to bring your imagination to life. Don't have the time or desire ? Our professional art department can create anything you can dream up.

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